S A N D W I C H E S  &  M U F F I N S

If you have come to this page, you have believed in our food and concept and wants to be part of the family!

Hungrywich’s live and breathe the concept of” focus on what you do and do it well!” At Hungrywich’s® , we only sell food that we are  in love with.

If you have always dream of owning a cafe but don’t know how to get there, fret not! Talk to us. Have you tried international franchises but their daunting fees are a nightmare? We know how you feel!

Hungrywich’s®  offer exclusive opportunities to operate cafes nationally and overseas, through offering  wholesome, tasty hot sandwiches, muffins and pastries.  Our unique concept of baked-from-scratch in the shop is an attractive model to attract customers and control consistent food quality .  We believe in “Satisfied customers are repeat customers! “

We are on the lookout for driven, energetic and passionate  people to own and operate Hungrywich’s cafes through our franchising model at various locations for a specified period of time.

Owning a Franchise is not buying a job, its buying a business where as the Franchisee , you plan and manage the business successfully. It is an extremely fulfilling experience and offers limitless opportunities to the right individual. However a certain amount of owner participation is expected during the franchising period.

Hungrywich’s® offer a very competitive low franchise and royalty fees structure . There are no marketing fees, no admin fees and no other hidden charges.


 Immediate start with full service support.  

 Licensed to use the HUNGRYWICH’S® trademark and brand name.

 Up to 4 weeks  On the job training

 Robust processes and recipes to ensure quality and consistency.

 Supplies of pre-mixed bread mix and other mixes for easy operation.

 All proprietary tools and processes will be transferred.

 Proactive management team to handle and react to problems.

 All new products rights to sell will be offered to all stores inclusive.

 Free first year uniforms for up to 5 staff to get you started.

 All packaging materials can be purchased from Hungrywich’s® or direct from our suppliers as a consolidated purchase.

 No need for huge store rooms.

 Access to pre-negotiated prices with all our suppliers.

 All equipments purchased direct from our suppliers, we do not take a commission.

 Established brand and business for easier negotiations with Landlord.

 Advice on selected location.

 Cafe design to be provided and adhered( design fees apply).

 Renovation contractors can be recommended.

If you think you have what it takes, download the application form and email to us at :

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