S A N D W I C H E S  &  M U F F I N S
Muffins & pastries Coffee sandwiches




First we hatched the flavor, followed by the means we will take to get there. If it does not turn out  perfect, we ditched it! Then we troubleshoot! Did we forget to mentioned all our founders came from engineering background? Such is our R & D process to engineer our products. At Hungrywich’s we take our food seriously and if it is not working as expected, nothing hits the market.

Our principle for creating food is healthy and tasty. We seek to find a balance although most of the time tasty seems to take precedence! But fret not as we still want to stay healthy! So we use no transfat, no deep frying, no MSG, no preservatives and no unnatural colouring. We do use plenty of fresh greens, olive oil for grilling and other wholesome spices and ingredients.We enjoy our food and hope you do too. Feel free to send us a feedback should it fall short in expectations.

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